St.Charles, Illinois - Venue Details

We appreciate your interest in our area and hope you enjoy visiting this venue on your upcoming trip to St. Charles.

Pure Essential Supply, Inc.

Pure Essential Supply, Inc.

1835 Wallace Street
St. Charles, IL 60174

Pure Essential Supply, Inc. has been a supplier of soap making supplies since 1990 under the name Jessica Bay. In 2012 the company was rename Pure Essential Supply, Inc. when Pam Ernst bought the company. We sell a complete line fragrances oils and essential oils at whole sale prices and an all natural concentrated lotion base, bath salts, melt n pour soap base, cosmetic oils, dyes, pigments, soap making molds, bottles, cosmetic jars, essential oil supplies & other bath supplies. Newest to our line is pure Essential Oil along with Aromatherapy Diffuses and Himalayan Salt lamps.


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